Monday, September 26, 2016

Jogging in Pittsburgh

Let me ask you a question: Is it racist, if a white woman talks about race? Although in my country I was considered dark. When I was a child everybody asked my mother: where did you get this baby? Is she german or french? As I am a heterosexual woman, it comes to men. Some guys liked darker hair and they did not even think that that they could be with someone who has blonde hair. In Finland the color brown equals intelligence. Blonde equals stupidity which equals femininity. To have a man who sees a  feminine woman in me was always my dream. With his help I could be more of a woman. But those men never liked me. Nevertheles I was happy. My hair was dark, but in wintertime my skin was white as light. Now it is summer and I´m coloring my hair with natural henna. So I don´t look like Snowhite anymore. So different in Pittsburgh compared to Iowa City. In Pittsburgh people said hi to each other. Kwame Daves talked about a pan African experience, I don´t remember where did he have that, but it was in America. I have had a pan Human experience in Iowa City. It felt good to understand that Europe is not the center of the universe. Europe is small like Finland. Do you have to come to America to be a human? In my country we do not talk about races that much, but in my country there was a huge demonstation against racism  yesterday. It was after neo-nazis killed one guy who was fighting against racism. The pan human experience is such an important topic nowadays. We are all humans. Repeat it. When we were born God gave us some material to live in. 

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