Wednesday, March 05, 2008

And the she said to me vidriga och hänsynslösa saker that had to be said “for the sake of my
development as an artist”, and she continued her Hemmungslosigkeit that no phrases can
describe. Go on, laugh this unlucky building, it used to be her home me my home too. “This has
to be done for the sake of truth.” And she began, again and again and again and again and
nothing really began.

Her words like die unknown getöteten Götter, erniedrigte, häpäistyjä Körper, gods like
gravestones I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. They truly make every creature with
emotions bleed empty. Näin paksun verisuonen, sian hännän, halkovan sydämeni neljään osaan.

I’ll tell you, mikä autioittava kokemus pakottautua, look at the eye of her work of art, as you call
it. "What an art": a work of bestiality it was.

So I spent an hour or so in this exhibition hall, as though it felt longer. Jag viskade mig: “Take
your time, so, long your time, your time finally coming”.

And I studied her emptiness thoroughly, her malevolence, her oily tail like darkness, and
her explanations fell into the nothingness they longed to. They say, every man has a form where
the last glimpse of good is used. Der Punkt, the universe, des radikalen Bösen. But how, How
could she feel almost normal in this lack of no pain?

I saw nothing. “What you see is me becoming me”, she explained.


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